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Black Widow - Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Marvel has finally released the long awaited Black Widow movie but did Marvel make the mistake of releasing this to late in the game?

Black Widow

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) has been a staple within the MCU since the early days of Iron Man 2. With hints of a secret past and close friendship with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Marvel has alluded that one day we will see these stories unfold. Waiting till after Black Widows death in Avengers Endgame, it was announced that a Black Widow film was on the horizon, but was the timing too late? Hear the Full Review Here


Tom Legaci

I am very surprised how much I liked this movie. I expected it to be a contractual obligation, like one of the Antman movies or (heavy sigh) Captain Marvel. However, this movie is way better than either of those. The movie does have its own style and would have been really interesting to see how people would of reacted to it had it truly been the start of Phase 4. The opening credits, a first for a Marvel movie, were very moody with a haunting cover of a Nirvana song. It really helped in setting the scene for the story and set it apart from what came before in the previous phases. The movie does borrow a lot from Civil War including: its color scheme and cinematic style. Although I for one never liked Civil War, I found it to be bloated and kind of unnecessary so in many ways. But I digress. In terms of this film, although coming up a tad short to its predecessors the action was grounded and gritty filled with the hand to hand combat that made Winter Soldier so thrilling. The movie is not without some faults though. There is some goofy CGI, like when David Harbor just flips a car with one hand in the opening or is riding on the wing of a plane in plane clothes. Moments like this really do undercut the darker mood this film seem to be striving for. In typical marvel fashion, characters are only in prison because they want to be yet when given the opportunity they break out with ease. The villain reveal was cool but obvious, but I really did like how they tied it into Natasha’s guilt over something she did a long time ago that she has to recon with now. Overall I liked this movie better than pretty much all the Marvel TV shows right now except Falcon and Winter soldier. While not quite the cinematic send off she deserved, Black widow was a surprising treat and I am glad Scarlet finally got the movie she deserves. Hopefully she gets to come back for a better send off in a future sequel. I’m giving this one a low I'll Be Back. ( 4/5)

Mr. Rhace

For me, this Movie was not the movie I was hoping for. The best part was that it was better than Captain Marvel, if that counts? No? Okay the best part was the mission impossible swap up at the end. I enjoyed that scene very much. It was pretty intense especially when she had to break her own nose. The worst part was the Task Master gender swap reveal. Let's be honest 98% percent of the scenes with Task Master you can tell that it was a male stunt man in that suit! So when its revealed to be the daughter of the villain, it's almost as off putting as hearing Darth Vadar for 3 whole movies as a bad "A" black man only for the helmet to come off and see a burnt white Man. Get out of here with that Disney. If this was supposed to be Woman through the whole film, then show case that. Don't do a CGI face swap in post. Either way, I give this movie an Alright Alright Alright. I wont ever watch it again and ass far as I'm concerned Black Widow's story ended with Endgame. (3/5)

Chris G

What happens when you wish for a movie back in 2016 but don't get it till 2021? The hype is gone. Allow me to be short and sweet with this review. What was the best part of the movie? Simple, seeing a Marvel movie in theaters and also seeing Scarlett Johannsson as Black Widow. To be honest, there is just something special about seeing blockbuster-esque movies in theaters, Marvel films especially. With that said, the worst part of the movie does not have to do with the film itself but rather the decisions and planning at Disney. Worst part, was this movie came out at the wrong time. This was the sequel to Civil War. I don't understand why they waited this long, it just does not make sense. Due to that ill placement the movie frustrated me knowing that this is the last time we will see Black Widow, when it leaves you wanting so much more. My final rating is an Alright Alight Alright minus. It was a good movie, with a horrible villain and no closure for a beloved character. After her sacrifice in Endgame I feel like Marvel missed the boat on this one. A rare, Iron Man 2, Marvel like mistake. That all said, it is worth the watch, just don't go into it expecting a sequel. (3/5)

Just Been Revoked Rating 3.3 out 5

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