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Candyman (2021) - Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

All great classic horror films are bound for a reboot or continuation. It is what helps keep these stories alive, breathing and relevant. Is the Newest Candyman sweet enough or does it leave a sour taste in the mouth?

Candyman (2021)

In 1992 the film Candyman evoked fear to generation. Fear along with dares to say the dreaded name in front of a mirror. To continue the legend the recent sequel imbedded modern elements such racism within the police. Elements that be could called real world horror. However, was this enough to reinvent the Candyman or did the story fall flat on a honey soaked hook? Hear the full break down here. JBR PODCAST


Mr. Rhace

There is simply to much say in one written review. If you want my full review listen to the episode. Also I would like to point out that I called this almost year ago as the writing felt like it was plastered all over the proverbial wall. Lets get to the bad first. The worst part is that for a movie called Candyman, he is barley in it. Though I must be clear, when I say "Candyman" not being in this film and I am talking about the real Candyman, Tony Todd. Part of the reason the first Candyman was terrifying is because of Tony Todd's iconic voice. It truly makes the original film haunting. However in this iteration the movie seems preach 98% of its run time and squeeze in Candyman in end making the movie feel like a hot mess. Ironically the best part was Tony Todd’s Candyman at the end of the film, but sadly that lasted for like 30 seconds and then boom the movie is over. If your a true fan of Candyman you will be disappointed with film because this movie only uses his name to preach its commentary and totally ditches the scares and gore. I am giving this movie a , as the Great Sam Jackson would say, yes it deserves to die and I hope it burns in hell! (-1/5)

Chris G

Good news first, I do not abhor the movie in the same manor Rhace does. That said, I did not love the movie and the reason is all about marketing and expectations. To me if your going to call yourself a horror film, slasher film or even use the adjective "Terrifying", you might want to try being one of those 3 things. This film, while good, was not a horror film and felt even less of a "Candyman" film. The worst part of the movie is trying to figure out why the "Candyman" stopped killing people that said his name, and went to killing the police. I understand the social injustice aspect of it but if felt jarring and begged me ask the question, "you can change the rules now?" Didn't make sense. Simply put I have no hate nor love for this film. The acting was decent, the movie looked good, but it's just a mere Alright Alright Alright. (3/5)

Tom Legaci

Where to start? This movie reminds me of a college student at a rally. It’s well intentioned but ultimately has too much to say, so it’s says everything and it drowns the movie in its message. I forget what movie mogul from the Dawn of Cinema said this but it’s a famous quote. He said, If you want to send a message, you should use a telegram. While I don’t always subscribe to that, this film should have heeded that advice. Also it must be noted that the characters in this movie are incredibly unlikable. They all feel like insufferable artists. Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is a grown man with a red beanie the entire movie. He’s basically in his “artist” costume. He might as well be wearing a bereft. The movie comes off way too predictable as well, at one point when Anthony is making his exhibit I muttered "he should make a mirror be the final portrait in the exhibit". And he did it! He literally did it. The ending as we mentioned is the weakest part. The old African American laundry guy is making a new Candyman? Why even bother? There’s one already out there… right? It's as if the movie has been lying to us the entirety of the film. This ending would only make sense if there was plausible deniability on behalf of the film. In a way that maybe the audience does not see the Murders, only the aftermath. Or if we did see Candyman he should not be only seen in mirrors and then have him be invisible and obviously supernatural. This movie clearly shows us Candyman exists and that it’s not Anthony. Then at the end it wants us to pretend that he doesn’t so that guy has a reason to make a new Candyman. I could literally go on forever about this movie. My notes stretched for days. But Candyman, you are unfocused. You need to apply yourself Candyman. The only thing I liked about this movie, keeping it from a complete revoked, was the art direction. I thought the puppet sequences were cool in isolation and I wish they added up to more. Candyman 2021 gets a Nice Try Loa Che. (2/5)

Just Been Revoked Rating - 1.5 out of 5

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