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Halloween Kills - Review

Michael Myers is back as the center point of the latest installment of this vast franchise.

Halloween kills is the second installment of the latest trilogy. A trilogy that asks us to forget the several other movies that came before it, minus the original, and see these new three as cannon. Hear the full review here. Just Been Revoked


Chris G

Allow me to start with a request, change this movies name to Halloween: No Time to Die, cause apparently Michael can’t die, which makes all stakes on this villan-centric movie non existent. Yes, I know our one audience member/reader is like "Chris you don’t get it." And that’s ok. Because to me that was half of the problem, not being able to get the film, with the other half leaving me feeling like a watched a movie with no purpose,. My favorite part were the characters Little John and Big John, not because of their non so subtle comic relief but because it was the only true arch in the film. This should have been my first red flag! Yes the kills were cool for the most part. Prime example being when the nurse and her husband die, best deaths of the year. Worst part was that unless you follow this series it’s loses you. Your not connected to any of these quote un-quote legacy characters. This is even more so after and exposition laden flash back is given that leaves you more lost than Lost! Mike Myers do me favor… go revoke yourself! Just Been Revoked! (1/5)

Tom Legaci

In some ways I liked this movie better than the last one because it is more of a true slasher. If you want to see Halloween Kill you came to the right place. There's plenty to go around. However, as Chris G stated, the story is all over the place. It's funny that this movie and No Time to Die both have this weird story where you better have watched the last one before coming to see this, and hopefully it was recently. Simply because neither of the movies stop to remind you about the outcome of the last movie. It expects that you watched it and paid attention. The plot only becomes more confounding once Halloween Kills starts doing long winded flash backs to the last movie and to the original, so its pretty easy to get confused early on before you get your bearings. The soundtrack like always is fire. Its great to hear John Carpenter still cranking out music and being involved in this series. The film looks gorgeous, as a horrifically violent murder movie can. The ending however really rubbed me the wrong way. It threw the theme and the plot and everything the movie had been building to out the window and makes pretty much everything we saw leading up, to it a waste of time. It's more fitting as an ending to a Halloween movie that doesn't have a sequel coming right up. It leaves the door open for Michael to strike again in a open and vague enough way that it gives whatever filmmaker and star plenty of creative freedom to do whatever they want to do next whenever the studio decides the audience is ready for another in like 3 years. BUT THATS NOT THIS MOVIE. They already shot Halloween Ends and its coming out net year. Yet this movie ends in a way that in no way feels like we have another movie coming out next year to finish off the story. This movie is a waste of a cliff hanger, a waste of some good actors and ultimately a waste of time. I give Halloween Kills a Nice Try Lao Che (2/5)

Mr. Rhace

I will say this, this movie isn’t perfect and suffers from middle chapter syndrome ( Empire Strikes Back excluded). With that said I’ll talk about what I like about this film. I like the flashback scenes to 1978 because it is done well and you feel like you are transported back to the decade of the first film. I also like the kill scenes in this movie, then again you cant call this movie Halloween Kills and not delivers on the kills. I also like Michael Myers in this film, he’s brutal and steals every scene, which he should because this is his movie. The worst parts are the social commentary hospital scenes. Every time they cut to those scenes I was begging for the movie to go back to Michael Myers. This wasn’t executed well and they lingered on the issue for way too long, when in reality they could have used that time to flesh out the legacy characters more instead of making them glorified cameo place holders until Laurie’s wounds heal up for the next movie. It was those scenes that made an hour and 40 minute movie feel like 2 and half hours. If you are a Halloween purist where you love the atmosphere and Michael Myers killing people without a reason, you will love this film. If you loved the 2018 Halloween movie you’re probably not going to like this movie because a lot of the serious tone from that film has been chucked out. All and all I give this Halloween movie an Alright Alright Alright. Trust me way better than Halloween 5... (3/5)

Just Been Revoked Score - 2 out of 5

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