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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Director James Wan returns the the genre that defined his career, but has he lost touch with the definition?

Malignant was to be the welcome home party for the king of Horror. Instead of opting to work on the the latest Conjuring installment, he chose an unique story. A story that may have even been loosely based on Edward Mordrake, Google him. Is this the return of the king that fans hoped for? You can ear the full breakdown here. JBRPODCAST


chris G

This will be my shortest revoke ever. From starting off as what I thought was a joke, to ending in something that was so horrific, it was ridiculous. Truth be to told, the only way to understand this review is to listen to our episode on it. In it's simplest terms to be this movie is flat out looney. Just Been Revoked (1/5)

Tom Legaci

"Yes it deserves to die and I hope it burns in hell." (-1/5)

Mr. Rhace


Just been revoked rating - 0 out of 5

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