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Red Notice - Review

Red Notice stars the glamorous Gal Godot, they ever charming Ryan Reynolds and Mr. Blockbuster himself Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

This being the first ever film that The Rock has released straight to streaming, him and his productions company (Seven Bucks Productions) were one a mission to deliver a fun action packed film. A film, as The Rock would say, is Netflix's biggest film ever.

Red Notice review

Chris G

At first glance, Red Notice seems like NBA basketball team that has had it's roster stuffed to ensure a championship. Typically, from my experience, doing such does not lead to a good film. This movie, in my personal opinion was and exception.

Red Notice starts off with a bang, setting the tone and letting the audience viewer know what type of movie they are in for. With introducing the Rock as over confident FBI agent working to help Interpol catch the infamous Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). In typical fashion events occur that lead John Hartley (The Rock) and Booth team up. The goal, steal the Fabergé eggs of Cleopatra. The caveat, there is another thief in search of them, The Bishop (Gal Gadot).

The film continues as the progressively goes from mission to mission with Reynolds bringing the comedy, the Rock bringing the charisma and Gadot bringing the allure. In a way the film is hard to review without giving to much away. Over all what I can say is this. If you like The Rock, Reynolds and Gadot then you will like this movie. Red Notice knows exactly what the movie is. The Director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, knows that the audience is coming to see these actors interact and he capitalize on that by bring forth all of their strengths. It is safe to say he succeed as this has become Netflix's most watched movie of all time and has broken numerous of records. My rating is a Ill Be Back. (4/5)

Just Been Revoked Score - 4 out of 5.

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