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Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Marvel has introduced its newest Avenger, the movie that Bob Chapek called an "Experiment."

Shang Chi

Marvel is no stranger to the woes of the Pandemic. With their Phase 4 plans coming to a screeching halt, aside from Disney+ Series, Shang Chi was the true introduction of their Phase 4 plans. You can hear the full break down here JBR PODCAST



I really wanted to like this film. It has been a long time since we have had a new Marvel film telling a brand new story with new characters. In many ways this feels like the actual start of Phase 4. However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed in all the places this movie fell short. As mentioned in our episode, the action ultimately disappoints. Marvel had a real shot here at differentiating the action from their other movies and pulling a Captain America Winter Soldier outing for grittier, grounded and more practical skirmishes. Instead, we get the usual CGI messes Marvel is known to give us, sans Avengers Movies. Even taking some of its cooler set pieces like the aforementioned bus scene and surrounding it with Cgi nonsense, taking away from the actual fight work all the stunt people and actors put in. The biggest example of a waste of a battle scene was the end. The movie had been building up to the fight between father and son, as clearly these guys had a lot of history to sort out. Instead the father is swiftly killed and Shang Chi ends up having a 20 minute fight with a dragon that had nothing to do with the story previously. Marvel had a true chance to break out and try something new as they head into Phase 4 but instead they doubled down on the formula, and for me it’s becoming diminishing returns. I give Shang Chi Legend of the Ten Rings a one and done. Alright Alright Alright. (3/5)

Mr. Rhace

This newest outing for Marvel, was not the best, but also not the worst. My favorite scene was when the Mandarin walks into that restaurant with Shang Chi as child and then proceeds to get his revenge on the thugs that murdered his wife. That moment in particular stood out to me because its the Mandarin at his weakest and its the defining moment where he chooses the 10 rings over his family. The worst scene was the when Shang Chi has been submerged under water for a good 10 minutes. He should be dead. Sadly in typical after he had kissed the rings of the mandarin to the bottom of the lake, as if on cue, he gets hit in the face with an air bubble like he's Sonic the Hedgehog catching air bubbles in the water level of the video game. This had me dying in the theater. Anyways I had fun watching the movie and I give it an I’ll Be Back. (4/5)

Chris G

Allow me to start off by saying this movie was great! I will continue to (Cue Autotune) sing this movie's praises for years to come! Put it simply, I loved it. Shang Chi brought to cinema the ancient/fantastical elements of an Asian culture we haven’t truly seen. The martial arts, the emotion, the father son story! Loved it all! Oh and Mulan watch out because Disney has a new bad B in town and her name is Aquafina! My favorite part of the movie has to be the the faceless pig creature. There is a scene where it runs over to Trevor. It is sad that his jail pal is dead only to find out Trevor was just acting. The pig like animal flips over the same way to mimic is long time friend. Great heat warming and funny moment. Additionally I felt that Simu Liu did a stand up job as Shang Chi. Welcome to Avengers Sifu! Worst part… some of the CGI was a little meh, but other than that I honestly had very few complaints. Marvel strikes again! Shang-chi ILL BE BACK! (4/5)

Just Been Revoked Rating 3.6 out of 5

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