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Space Jam: A New Legacy

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy comes decades after Michael Jordan's original Space Jam debuted in 1996. With Lebron James set as the new basketball star to be recruited by the Looney Tunes to captain this Movie to success.

It has been decades since Space Jam 2 was released. Taking roughly 25 years to release a sequel. So much so that the nostalgia from the first may out weigh the actual quality of the film. Does Lebron James have what it takes to take the championship from the dreaded Nostalgia? Hear the full breakdown on Just Been Revoked


Tom LEgaci

The best pass Kobe Bryant ever made was on this movie. Although could you imagine if he has starred in this? Forget Avengers Endgame, this would be the biggest movie of all time, at least in America. Sadly this isn't the case for Lebron, this movie just doesn’t have the secret stuff. There’s a very 90s magical realism element about the OG Space Jam. Many humans that I know dog on this movie but I found a lot to like about the original. Especially compared to this garbage right here. The animation was way better in the OG version. It’s like this new version hasn’t heard of shadows or contrast. Also whoever thought Don Cheadle was a good choice to fill the shoes of Danny de Vito as the villain was a moron that belongs on moron mountain. Sorry but it must be said. In a stroke your own ego kind of way Space Jam 2 is actually is kind of amazing. More than Marvel this is the culmination of years of WB filmmaking. Now it has finally been revealed to us as to why WB has been making so many terrible movies as of late. It’s Don Cheadle's (Al-G-Rhythm) fault, and boy is Don hamming it up in this role. One might even say he goes full Kang (from Loki Series), and everyone knows you never go full Kang. I really missed grounded-ness of the first movie's more ridiculous moments. They didn’t rush into the absurdity of aliens coming to kidnap the Looney Toons; only to be challenged to a basket ball game. They took the necessary time in the real world to ground this nonsense in a way that 90s movies were just so good at doing. This new one looses it's mind right as soon as it gets to the "serververse". It’s not without some moments though: watching Lebron go through the different worlds was pretty fun, seeing reveal to be a hufflepuff in Harry Potter world, and Robin in DC world. I was kind of waiting him to go to the Snyderverse but then he’d just be unemployed. That all said there were way more things for me to be mad at in this movie. Like how many people actually laughed at this 22 year old matrix joke laced with Latin stereotypes. Or Granny quoting Chappell Show. And there was a disturbing amount of people who laughed at the rap battle moment with Porky Pig. I saw this movie with the absolute worst audience as they were eating this garbage up. They literally clapped at certain moments. So for being guilty of all these offenses and more. I have to convict this movie with. Just Been Revoked (1/5)

Chris G

This movie was a joke, and shames the name of Space Jam. Call me nostalgist but the first Space Jam was incredibly better, because At least they played basketball in a movie about Basketball. Jordan, though not an actor, had the charisma to carry a film, as he did in the original. LeBron has the charisma of the cardboard box in a state farm commercial. The original left you wanting to play basketball, wanting to buy the jerseys, believing that you could stick out your tongue out and dunk! This movie left me wanting to poke out my eyes and cry! It is hard not to compare the two films, just like its hard not to compare Jordan vs LeBron. From force feeding us the server verse, to Nike and Nissan branding everywhere… it was a Hbomax promo, self love masturbation of a movie. The original had heart. For example, when the Toon Squad was losing Michael gave them a motivational speech and tricked them to drink a placebo drink (Secret Stuff) with the moral of the story being to believe in yourself and you can achieve the impossible. You are all you need, nothing more. This movie taught us to use cheat codes, style points and how to hack the algorithms to win in me so much hope for the future of the world. End of the day, this movie is a "NOT IMPRESSED!" I just hope that when Discovery takes over WB in 2022 they use this film as bait for shark week. (0/5)

Mr. Rhace

As the great Sam Jackson so eloquently says, "Yes it deserves to die and I hope it burns in hell!" This movie is an abomination and I wish that the preacher from Fear Street: 1666 would gouge my eyes out to save me from watching this trash. This is vomit in film form seriously what an unfortunate time to have the ability to see. There is nothing to like about this movie . WB took a massive you know what on its good properties like Mad Max: Fury Road by including it into this garbage. Please burn every copy of this movie and WB needs to be stopped at this point. (-1/5)

Just Been Revoked Rating - 0 out of 5

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