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The Suicide Squad - review

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Your favorite anti-hero's are back, well at least some of them, in a brand new version of The Suicide Squad. A reboot-quel so to speak.

The Suicide Squad acts as a reboot-quel. Hollywood's new favorite genre where it reboots a story while keeping elements of what people liked in the last movie in an effort to not lose fans of the last movie. As what seems as purposeful move, WB has tried to distance them selves from the Zach Snyder era of DC. By doing such they opted not to bring back David Ayer for the sequel, even though it is a well known fact that Ayer's Suicide Squad was a Hodge-podge of editing and cuts from WB that completely changed the entire movie. Instead WB chose to go with James Gunn, so much so that they wrapped him in as soon as he was "let go" by Marvel. So what does one make of WB’s and James Gunn’s attempt to restart The Suicide Squad? Here the full break down on Just Been Revoked.


Mr. RHace

I’ll keep this simple. Spoilers. The best part was that Pete Davidson died within the first 5 minutes of the film. Lets be honest shall we, he looks like the type of rat bastard that would sell his team out and he got what he deserved. My favorite part and the only part that made me truly laugh was the "Whose Milton?" part at the end. Because you see him the scenes, but it not enough for you to think why the heck is he there kind of thoughts until Bloodsport makes the observation. A long set up that paid off in all the right ways. The worst part was they killed off some of the likeable characters from the previous movie like Boomerang. This movie is far better than the first one and is better than anything Marvel has made this year so far. The movie entertained me which was its job so I give the movie an I'll Be Back. (4/5)

Chris G

This movie, this Suicide Squad, for me was not a good movie. It took some of the DC universe's most evil, albeit unknown, villains and turned them into what can only be described as one big f you of a joke. There were no stakes that ever truly made you worry about the characters. the Jokes felt like they were ripped off of an adult popsicle stick. As for the overall acting, Gunn goes on record saying that he wanted everyone to give a naturalistic approach to their acting style vs heightened. In what world is this natural acting, apparently in James Gunns world. This movie left me not caring about a single character, person, or if they save the world or not, and if the audience can’t care then why did we spend our time watching. Best part was a scene where the rain is coming down where the cinematographer provides a high contrast, white out over exposure effect. Due to the vibrant costumes of the characters this shot looked absolutely wonderful. One of the best super hero group shots I have ever seen on film. Matter of fact all in all the cinematographer did a fantastic job on this film. Worst part was the lack of care for the characters. Like a spoiled child playing with action figures, Gunn treats these villains as toys, knowing that he has a vast toy box to play with if he looses one he could care less what happens to them. He's just happy he was able to play with them. Looks like the the angels are splooging on this movie. Nice Try Loa Che. (2/5)

Tom Legaci

This movie was an experience of sorts for me. Almost a slow burn. I was a little disappointed with it in some areas at first because like Rhace mentioned, they kill off a lot of characters, that you assume would of been spread throughout the run time, right out the gate. For then to lead to a long stretch where nobody dies. So the movie kind of starts to feel safe. Luckily enough the characters that are left have a lot to offer. I already spoke at length about Cena and Joel Kinneman as Rick Flag, but some true surprises were in store for characters like Polka Dot Man and Rat Catcher 2. I really fell in love with these characters and their idiosyncrasies. Particularly how hilariously awkward Polka Dot Man was. I wish there was even more of him. Rat Catcher 2 almost doesn’t belong in this group because she’s really not a villain. Her and her pet ratatouille are the heart of this movie. Like many of the colorful characters in this movie, The Suicide Squad isn’t for everybody. It took me a little time to warm up to them, but by the end I sincerely loved this movie. It was a great experience to share in a theater full of nerds and I will most definitely see this again. I’ll Be Back. (4/5)

Just Been REvoked RAting - 3 out of 5

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