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Loki Series

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Loki a series full of promises and hope. Hope that we will finally understand where Marvel is head in the Post Endgame era.

Marvel has finally let the worst kept secret free. Well second worst kept secret, we all know that Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield are in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Just admit already Marvel! The secret that Loki was referring to is that the multiverse is indeed real and has been created by non other than the God of Mischief, Loki. Did Marvel deliver or was this simply on long setup series for their hyped Phase 4? Here the full down here. Just Been Revoked


Chris G

To be fair, after Wanda Vision my expectations where high, which meant that fall hurt. I was excited for this series hoping to dive more into magic, and time. Alas, this was Iron Man 2 in series form. My favorite part was the second episode. It was the only episode that left me wanting more. It gave it a sense of mystery, and a sense of grandeur, that a massive journey is about to begin. It was great of Marvel to give us this series but lets be real, it was just one big set up. My least favorite part is a two part-er. First up, Tom Hiddleston. How many times can that guy whip his hair. I get it, its a character trait but freaking A man it felt like was watching a Garnier Fructis commercial! Additionally, his acting felt so out of place, everything was urgent, everything was dramatic, nothing was nuisance. Kang, who basically ripped off Jesse Eilenberg's Lex Luthor performance, had some subtly. It felt like he was his own scene, and everyone else was acting in a completely different scene. Secondly, the LED background screen. Its the new hot tech to use, which I understand, but if you don't know how to use it, it doesn't work. Just ask the guys who made Bullet Proof Monk when they tried to use bullet time…google it. The actors all popped out way too much, they were never blended properly into the background. It reminded me of old cartoons where you can always tell what object is about to move because its so much more vibrant than the background. This show's biggest faults started with conception when they gave us a Loki who is not the Loki we grew to love, and they just made this a long 6 hour Phase 4 reveal. This show gets an Nice Try Loache. (2/5)

Mr. Rhace

The best part would probably be the last episode, the reveal of the next big bad for the Marvel universe no officially has my curiosity. Although I am tired of established characters getting sideline in their own show by a new woke character that no one cares about, but sadly this is the route that the MCU is going. The worst part is that this is barely better than Wanda Vision only because this actually sets something up for the marvel universe. This show is a one and done for me, I'm not excited for season 2 and I’ll never rewatch season 1 for me this show is an alright alright alright but only because its better than Wanda Vision. (3/5)

Tom Legaci

Finally a Disney + show delivered on some fan speculation and introduced Kang the Conqueror as the man behind the curtain. I’m just glad it wasn’t Mephisto so that eternal tease can continue. For a hot second there it looked like Miss Minutes was the ULTIMATE villain and I was jumping all over the room like, “ I knew it! I knew it!!! Only to be disappointed that Miss Minutes is the Darth Vader to Kang's Emperor. Here’s hoping she gets some real henchman screen time in Quantomania. What makes this show hard to review is thinking about how far we are from where the show started. Remember when we thought this was just going to be a fun time travel show. Seeing Loki bounced around timelines. That said pretty much the only moment that delivered on that was the Pompeii scene. Time travel wise, everything after that was an afterthought or the future so we didn’t have any fun givens to play with expectation wise. There’s something to say about a show evading your expectations, but this ended up being something so different entirely that I’m not gonna lie, I just wish it was a basic time travel show. The show runner said the bad version of this show would be Loki riding with Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution, but compared to what we got here, that sounds a lot more fun. If that’s the basic version, hand me a white claw flavored pumpkin spice latte and sign me up, because this bougie better version was pretty underwhelming. This finale episode kind of feels like if they took that architect scene from the matrix reloaded and made an entire episode around that. It was nice to get an entire episode with the man behind the curtain but it’s basically just a bunch of people standing around trading exposition. Speaking of the man of the hour. What’s with Kang's accent? It’s like a children’s play version of a British accent. In another moment of fan service delivered upon, we finally got it, the hottest kiss since Luke and Leia. There was some real steam between these two. You could almost feel the indifference sizzling between their lips. I know that Sylvie was probably just going through the motions to get the best of Loki, but man, this reminded me of a kiss from movies during the golden age of Hollywood where closeted gay leading men had to hide who they were to the movie going public but you could always tell when it came time to kiss the girl. So now that Sylvie killed the benign Kang we’re obviously going to be getting one of the evil Variants as the bad guy of Antman: Quantomania. Hopefully we get a more interesting and more threatening variant of him in that movie, because I wasn’t really feeling his presence in this. If he’s supposed to be the next Thanos, I hope his variants step their game up because this version of Kang should be conquered. That paired with "No jet ski moment" for Owen Wilson means I’m really not that interested in season 2 for this show…yet some how we live in the dimension where this is the only marvel Disney + show that’s been picked up for a season 2, go figure. My biggest beef is that this shows exists at all. Loki had a terrific send off for the movies, with his sacrifice in Infinity War. Bringing him back as a character that I can barely even recognize as Loki was just disappointing all around. I remember when I saw the trailer, I was most interested in seeing how Loki runs for president. Only to be disappointed to see that variant gets about 15 seconds of screen time and its a shame because that feels like the only recognizable Loki from this this show. Just like his campaign for President, I have to give this a Nice Try Loa Che. (2/5)

Just Been Revoked Rating - 2.5 out of 5

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