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What If: Season 1 - Review

What if the first official Marvel Cinematic Universe animated series.

What if opens up the multiverse that was established in the Loki Series and shows us what potential other Universe might look like. Hear the full review here. Just Been Revoked


Tom LEgaci

What if was a real misfire in my book. Almost all the episodes feel like they’re missing a climax. They build to a point where it’s like, how are they going to get out of this one…and the episode ends. Almost always on a note of implication. Which would work if it’s coming back next week. But almost all of these are self contained, so it’s a lot of build up to a tease with no pay off. Particularly The Avengers murder mystery episode and Kill Monger lives. They always hint at what happens when that would be the most interesting and usually most tense part of the show. It's like hinting at the final battle of an Avengers and then just ending on the notion that they hopefully win. Until the last episode where they bring all the stories together but they still don’t pay off their episode ending, instead shifting their focus to the Watchers story line. The main problem with the show is they vary so massively in quality and tone between each one it’s hard to determine who this show is for. Based on the first couple episodes I would of only said children. No self respecting Adult would find value or entertainment in their party episode. But then others are wildly dark and mature like the Doctor Strange episode or Marvel Zombies and those are definitely not aimed at children. I wish for consistency sake they would of picked a lane and stuck to it. Because this was a wildly uneven experience. That said The Ultron episode was pretty sick. I always thought Age of Ultron totally mishandled him as a character. A Rouge AI should have done way more damage to the world than Ultron did. Ultron should of hijacked the internet, turned nukes on us and everything. Instead he goes to a third world country with no internet connection and couple of castles on it on and drops it on the earth…that was his plan?! But for every one thing What if does right, there are twenty things it does wrong. Also Captain Carter sort of saves the day one time. She has one go at being Captain Carter and then asks the watcher to send her to a dimension where Steve is still around and she says and I quote… "do I not deserve my happy ending yet”. Wow, Peggy wasted no time becoming Captain Karen practically asking the watcher to see his manager. Steve Rogers had to save the day in 3 of his own movies and 4 team up films he got his happy ending. Peggy just wants to use a fast pass and jump to the front of the line for happy endings. I think it’s just funny the messaging from Marvel and Disney with that moment. Steve Rogers arc was that he couldn’t stop saving the day. That there was always a battle and he would have to learn to put himself before others so he could rest. And Peggys arc is she would rather hang up the shield after one go around…but yeah, Peggy and Steve are equals…but despite all these problems. I loved the Doctor Strange episode so much it single handed my picks this show up and elevates this show from a just been revoked where this should be, to an ill be back, because I will def be back for that one episode. (4/5)

Mr. Rhace

Lets be honest there are 9 episodes in this series and only 4 out of the 9 are actually watchable. The other 5 are just filler and time wasters. Hopefully in season 2 they make the stories matter and connect better. It wasn't until episode 8 that the viewer realizes that the stories are going to connect. My favorite part was episode 8 it was nice to see how crazy strong Ultron could be if he had gotten the infinity stones. He makes Thanos look humble. The worst part was the Thor episode. That was just lazy writing on marvels part to be honest. Which why I give this series a nice try laoche (2/5)

Chris G

The big what if question Marvel should have explored should have been; what if every episode was good? While yes there were a hand few of great ones like Dr. Strange, Ultron and maybe the zombies. But every episode minus Strange and Ultron left you wondering what if they gave us an ending! The episodes just ended. It was frustrating. Some of them didn’t even ponder a great “what if” question to begin with. Overall the best part was seeing how a true change in someone’s life can make a impact, Dr. Strange losing his love. Worst part was the nonsense. Thor partying; seen it. Captain America British, seen it. These "nothing new episodes" left me almost not watching the remainder of the series. I did like the animation, the lighting was gorgeous, I wish all the actors came back versus only the ones that were either currently shooting a live action movie and had time to do voice overs in their trailers. To me this was an alright alright alright. (3/5)

Just Been Revoked Score - 3 out of 5

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